First Photo: Website On Nook Touch Hidden Browser

Update, June 8, 2011, there is now video! First Video Of Nook Touch Hidden Web Browser

Update Jun 8, 2011: Now you can root too! Let The Nook Touch Rooting Begin!

The readers of Romance do not fool around.

They’ve pioneered and shaped the eBook field and now they’re the first with a photo of a website on the new Nook Touch via its hidden browser!

Thanks to Bettie Sharpe (a writer with a site), via Jane Litte of the Dear Author site (whose mobile version is shown below) came a link for the photo after the break.

Click for very, very large version!


Previously here:

Nook Touch Has Hidden But Functional Web Browser


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2 responses to “First Photo: Website On Nook Touch Hidden Browser

  1. Sorry about the picture size. I was so excited the browser worked, I forgot to edit the photo. Another note on the STR’s vestigial browser–I viewed 6-8 pages over the course of 1/2 hour and the previously unbudgeable battery bar dropped by a 1/4.

    • mikecane

      Picture size is fine. I could have shrunk it on my end but didn’t want to. Interesting that the browser chews up the battery like that. There are rumors they rushed the device in time for Father’s Day. Perhaps an update will reveal the browser or at least optimize it. Or maybe that’s something we’ll need the root experts to fix. Thanks again!

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