R.I.P. New Jersey Public Broadcasting

NY’s WNET and WNYC To Take Over NJ Public Broadcasting

NJ Governor Chris Christie announced a deal on Monday that would transfer operations of the state-owned New Jersey Network to NY’s WNET-TV. The station will be renamed NJTV and will continue to provide a nightly news broadcast and 20 hours of weekly NJ-centric broadcasting. In addition, four NJN’s radio stations will be acquired by New York Public Radio for $2.8 million and will be merged into one public radio station focused on NJ news. The other five stations will be sold to Philadelphia’s WHYY for $1.5 million.

While thieving bankers and sociopathic traders fleece us left and right, how much will we ordinary citizens have to give up in this country before we stand up and say, “Enough, goddammit!”?

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