Thank You, Moriah Jovan!

She took a photo I gave her and put the text on top of it, a simple operation my suite of crap software cannot do at all without making it look all fuzzy and fugly.

She is also for hire.


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4 responses to “Thank You, Moriah Jovan!

  1. This has made all the difference … your blog is no longer butt ugly. Not only that but she is a kick ass author and I love her novels.

    • mikecane

      Well, it’s still fugly, but at least its butt is now prettier.

      • Nice header! Do you know about GIMP? I use it on Linux & Mac, can’t speak for the Windows version, but it should let you superimpose text on an image with no problems at all. It uses the fonts you have on your system already, but of course there are plenty more available on the net.

      • mikecane

        I tried GIMP once and deleted it. I have IrfanView too, but both UIs are just too non-intuitive to get anything done. Anyway, my screen is crap so I really can’t judge the quality of images, hence I’m glad Moriah did the header for me.

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