The Road To 2015

Forget About 99 Cents, What If You Could Rent Mobile Games for 25 Cents?

In this post, iWork In 2011 Is Just So 2007 To Me, I wrote about what we’ll see in 2015:

Every digital good — software, video, audio, books — is cheap. Everyone can make a living doing digital goods because they are cheap and people will buy them just to try them out. A purchase is no longer a decision. All purchases are impulsive. All sales depend on attracting attention.

I didn’t figure rentals into it, but rentals are a step down that road.

And who’s to say that rental price won’t eventually be the full retail price?

Think of the numbers right now, just for iOS: Over 200 million devices.

Tech produces monstrous, unprecedented numbers like that — and they will continue to inflate.

Attract the attention of a million people worldwide in a week — which has already happened even in these early days — and even at twenty-five cents a pop, that’s a living right there.

All devices will have frictionless purchasing. Everything will just work and seem like magic.

And the money will flow daily.

eBooks today are priced like cars were before Henry Ford introduced the Model T. That will change.

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