Steve Jobs: Startups Shouldn’t Tremble In A Corner

Another excerpt from that excellent question & answer session Steve Jobs did at the 1997 Apple WWDC.

This time he talks about how Apple came to be, why they built the computers they did, what makes a great product, and why large companies shouldn’t be feared as competitors.

The default setting of the Universe is No. Fear, failure, and humiliation are the guaranteed results of inaction.

Autonomy, self-satisfaction, and success all require effort. It takes energy, planning, and willpower to get a Yes.

Large companies are never invulnerable. They only know what they have done. Anything outside of their experience takes effort. More effort, in fact, than any startup must expend. Because they must battle internal inertia. And most think that just by showing up, their brand name will lead to triumph.

No matter how small you are, how insignificant and ignored your company might be, stick to it. Follow your plan, birth your creation, go full steam ahead.

What others have done or what you fear they might do, doesn’t matter. If you bring something to life the world needs or even just wants for a season, success will be yours.

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