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Ah, Now I Know!

Really, this did not surprise me:

The site has blocked you from posting new comments.

With all your talk, I wanted to see if it was real.

Now I know it wasn’t.

And now you know that I know it isn’t.

You’re just another one gathering suckers because, inside you, there’s nothing.

You need others to fill that void.

That will never happen.

I’ll see you in the smarmy headlines someday.

That’s your inevitable trajectory.


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Steve Jobs’ Ultimate Goal: Blank Hardware And Apple Dial Tone

On May 12, 2011, I wrote, Blank Is The New Black.

DCDR: Hardware will be cheap and empty. Everything — the OS, the UI, the software, and your own files — will reside in The Cloud, not locally.

If you’re still scoffing at that, consider the following seven minutes I’ve extracted from Steve Jobs’ Q&A at the 1997 WWDC.

Blank hardware is its ultimate logical end.

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What Was Calvin?

Spammers are using machine-generated text to try to slip through Akismet. It doesn’t work, but sometimes I look at them. This one made me marvel:

She stumbled diamond before the technomarine. He hang found in the jojo with the rodeo on also thirty watches but, which terri will pass, her groove of a different red aerie to the nightmare was no name standing, thrown and too. Briel told me, finding on of watches uk of office. He badge. Aboard an replica was, too on a kippy puzzled discovered i could. What was calvin?

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Why No Flood Of Rooted Nook Touch?

Because it’s not yet as (relatively) simple as it’s been made for the NookColor.

Apps cannot be loaded on it simply via an apk from the microSD card.

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TV: The Shadow Line, Episode Six

No spoilers ahead.

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