What Was Calvin?

Spammers are using machine-generated text to try to slip through Akismet. It doesn’t work, but sometimes I look at them. This one made me marvel:

She stumbled diamond before the technomarine. He hang found in the jojo with the rodeo on also thirty watches but, which terri will pass, her groove of a different red aerie to the nightmare was no name standing, thrown and too. Briel told me, finding on of watches uk of office. He badge. Aboard an replica was, too on a kippy puzzled discovered i could. What was calvin?

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  1. It’s remarkable for the deranged, accidental poetry of it. It makes me think of William Burrough’s approach of layering newspapers and mixing the text together by peeling them apart to create unexpected juxtapositions; in fact, it inspires me to track down spam text and then rewrite it until it has some kind of logical sense, even use it as inspiration for whatever stories might be spun out of those very juxtapositions. Thinking cap is on.

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