Why No Flood Of Rooted Nook Touch?

Because it’s not yet as (relatively) simple as it’s been made for the NookColor.

Apps cannot be loaded on it simply via an apk from the microSD card.

What’s currently involved is revealed in an XDA Developers forum post. He’s trying to install the Amazon Kindle for Android app:

Maybe someone can spot my error. Im trying this in the shell

# am broadcast -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.amazon.kindle/com.amazon.kcp.application.ReddingApplication
Broadcasting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cmp=com.amazon.kindle/com.amazon.kcp.application.ReddingApplication }
Broadcast completed: result=0

Which doesnt do anything. Is there some other magic needed?

So everything is via the arcane CLI of Android, not a pretty GUI launcher.

I hope the rooting community will continue its efforts and bring to the Nook Touch what it’s brought to the NookColor.

In fact, if Barnes & Noble was smart, they’d encourage it.

Because, too soon, everyone will be lining up to buy the all-touchscreen Kindle 4 instead.

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2 responses to “Why No Flood Of Rooted Nook Touch?

  1. William Walsh

    Kindle app working

    Not quite end user simple yet though.

    Would still like to see:
    Aldiko 2
    A decent web browser
    A good file manager
    Word processor
    Gmail App or other email client

    • mikecane

      OK, this is weird. While I was working on the post about that, your Comment came in with the video link. I’ve taken out the video link since it’s in the post itself. I had to get up at 3AM (EDST) today. Now it was just worth it!

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