First Video: Nook Touch As Kindle!

Just look at this baby:

Click = big

For those of us who hate the button-laden current Kindle, that is The Dream!

But wait! Is it really a nightmare?

Look at the video after the break!

The thing about the Kindle for Android software is that page shifting is done by showing pages sliding across the screen.

That animation is not something eInk handles very well.

In fact, look carefully in the video below. Is that acceptable to you? Can put up with that or is an all-touchscreen Kindle 4 worth waiting for instead?

It’s also evident the UI elements are not exactly scaled correctly. At least to my non-tablet-owning eyes, the top bar seems a bit thin. Also notice sometimes a swipe should be used instead of a tap for page navigation. Update: Bleary morning eyes and I needed to rip the vid for better resolution. Shadow from the bezel tricked my eyes. The UI is fine.

That’s not exactly an immersive reading experience.

We’re all still waiting to see Aldiko run on this. And perhaps a good PDF viewer too.

And it’s still not a plug-and-play rooting process. So unless you have mad Android skills or a desperate desire for a rooted Nook Touch and are confident you will not brick your device, wait for an easy method to be developed.

To stay up to date on rooting developments, these three forum threads should be monitored:

XDA Developers: [N2E] Nook 2nd Edition Touch – Root
XDA Developers: Nook Touch Root Guide is OUT
MobileRead: Nook STR Rooted – well that didn’t take long

Previously here:

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10 responses to “First Video: Nook Touch As Kindle!

  1. Mike, I like the new look of the home page.

    Re the Nook — while I bought the NookColor at first sight, I really did not find the Nook Simple Touch (NST) attractive due to its relatively weak screen contrast. Someone at the Nook boards took pictures to illustrate this and someone else said she was glad someone else noticed. It made me feel saner because I couldn’t believe how gray the basic font shade is (with any font set), but the salesman said that’s how it is. It was like that on public domain books with no embedded fonts, etc., too.

    I’ll link to the pics in the next blog entry and to this entry of yours . The NST is now missing a lot of features the Nook-1 had (and, no, a half-functioning Android OS-offered bare, embedded browser not yet programmed to work right with the NST doesn’t count, which is why Barnes & Noble marks the model as not having a browser), and while some do really like how small and light it is — if you’re used to good screen contrast with a Pearl screen, this may be a problem.

    If the touch experience is really important to someone then they’ll want the Nook ST but otherwise, I don’t see it. Their marketing works though.

    • mikecane

      I saw your blog post about that. I haven’t yet gone to fondle a Nook Touch yet, so I can’t say. Were you only able to see one Touch or a display table full of them? I need to wait for an easy rooting method ala NookColor before risking money. Besides, I think the Kindle With Touch is due to be announced soon and that’s the one that Bezos will seal my doom with, ha!

  2. Yes, I saw only one Nook but was able to play with it twice for about 10 minutes each time (mainly changing font faces and sizes). I did find the touchscreen response just-right (and wish that were true for my otherwise much-appreciated NookColor).

    Carnoy has now posted 3 times that a Kindle Touch e-Ink would likely come in Sept. That’s still 3 months out.

    What I posted today were a couple of images by a Nook owner showing us the differences between them in text-darkness and also the huge jump from a bit too small to a lot too big.

    I also mention how unhappy many were about many Kindle 2 screens for the same reason. What I didn’t mention was the first report I’ve come across of Nook e-ink fading in the sun, which was a problem with some Kindle 2 batches also. In no way should that happen, of course. But for context, I cite my blog article that gives the history of the Kindle 2 situation which was adjusted for by a customer who made an alternate darker font set available. There were others providing supplemental font-sets, but his turned out to be the one that kept the more sensitive Kindle eyes staying with the Kindle.

    By the way, was at AT&T looking at the iPhone 4 (tho’ I’ll probably wait for the 5, but my 4.5 yr old Samsung is not speaking very clearly :-) and saw that their Kindle 3 display is good in that it’s ultra accessible, you can do a lot with it, and no one hovers over you.

    • mikecane

      I never even knew AT&T was displaying the K3. In the windows I’ve peeked in, I’ve never seen one.

      September is probably when KWT (Kindle With Touch) reaches retailers. I expect Amazon to announce within a month from now. Pre-orders will go through the damn roof and it’ll set yet another Amazon sales record. Sheesh.

  3. Andrea

    Once this process is idiot-proof, I will happily root my Nook Touch so I can run Kindle on it. The hardware seems great, I just wish it was a Kindle!

  4. The Kindle display was in the back but the display was right next to the MiFi unit’s display and it was a wide open area. It was functional. The one at Staples is weird.

    Yup. Amazon should announce ASATC because it’s a touchscreen world now. After 20 minutes w/ the NT, I was using my Kindle later and kept touching the screen expecting something to happen. What’s odder is that this hasn’t happened to me after the NookColor, which I use almost daily — I guess I had them so differentiated, the expectations didn’t carry over to the B&W Kindle. I just hope that the fonts/text aren’t affected in screen contrast. There’s a nice Amazon forum thread that’s very positive about the NT, by Kindle owners, but the one complaint is that the text is not as dark or clear as the K3.

    • mikecane

      Amazon will have to change the UI in many ways, I think, to accommodate touch. But those changes will only make it better.

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