TV: Fans Rally To Save Endgame

A sticky post for this weekend. Sticky extended to Monday, which is the day the final Endgame episode will air. Sign the petition!

I’ve covered the Canadian TV series Endgame in a few posts:

TV You Must See: Endgame
Endgame, Episode 2
Endgame, Episode 3
Endgame, Episode 4

I think I’ve actually seen up to episode six, but I haven’t posted. Sometimes I don’t feel the need to do every episode of a series.

Now comes word that the executioner’s hood has been put over the series and it’s being killed.

Fans are rallying to try to save it at the Save Endgame Page.

There’s a petition link there too. It’s gotten over 2,300 signatures. Go add to it.



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7 responses to “TV: Fans Rally To Save Endgame

  1. Mike, Thanks SO much for helping us spread the word!! We truly appreciate the support!

    Waco, TX USA

  2. Alex Rayman

    Can’t understand why they’d cancel this series. Watched it a month ago, and it’s one of the best series to air in the last decade.

    I’ve been a fan of “The Mentalist” for quite some time now, which isn’t entirely different from Endgame. Though I must say, Endgame is the stronger production. The dialogue is wittier, the characters feels more authentic.

    I really hope Endgame returns. Scrapping it was an unwise decision, and it baffles me.

  3. Please dont leave us hanging. Bring back endgame

  4. Irene

    Loved the series, my whole family was watching.

  5. Sharri Williams

    Please make HULU bring this series back. It is well written and the actors are wonderful.

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