Nook Touch Rooting: Brief Update

Update June 12, 2011: Now confirmation of other apps. See after the break.

Even though the method isn’t yet for us mere mortals, learning from those who can do it that certain programs have been tried and work on a rooted Nook Touch is still good news.

Over at XDA Developers there is now confirmation that, in addition to Kindle for Android, the following programs work:

  • FBreader
  • Aldiko
  • Dropbox
  • K9 (for email)
  • NookColor tools

That last one allows apks to be installed from the microSD card. Up to now, apk installation required ADB via WiFi.

And someone else reports:

i just got button savior working so now i have a working home button and always present back button so that make getting around a lot easier.

These are all promising developments and I thank all the pioneers.

Once the rooting and installation process has been made easy, I expect many people will rush out to buy a Nook Touch to take advantage of these added capabilities.

Update June 12, 2011: In this photo-laden post, nook STR, we have word and photos of Dolphin Browser, Google Maps (sans GPS), and an unnamed drawing program also working.

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