More Testimony Why Twitter Is Worthless

The Earthquake that killed Twitter?

Initially I was a little concerned as most of the reports were from outside Christchurch, with few from the city itself, but this cleared up as networks, phones and power quickly came back to life. For about twenty minutes I, and the world, had a great source of news on the happenings, and a great sense of relief that, basically, everything was fine.

Then, just as we wondered why this thing wasn’t trending, even in New Zealand, the #eqnz tag finally got noticed by Twitter and the inevitable happened.


Rapidly created accounts with nonsense but early in the alphabet names flooded the tag, and those for popular movies and memes, with links to modestly disgusting porn and SEO sites. Fine, try to scam some movie or the latest tween obsession, but an Earthquake? Please.

Listen, this crap has to stop.

I lived through the several months of getting disgusting “Britney Spears” porn spam. The avatar for that spam was X-rated in itself. And I would get it sometimes up to twenty times a day.

But hey, they’re probably still celebrating over at the Twitter Clubhouse over the iOS win.

Why should they ever worry about the things that really matter?

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