My VLC Adventure

I was led to this post today: Take Snapshots of Your Favorite Movie Scenes in VLC

That’s not something I’ve been able to do, currently being stuck with a crap PC with a CD-only drive. Plus, it’s CPU is so crap, I wouldn’t even try plugging in an external DVD drive I have.

So, instead, I shanghaied someone else’s Windows 7 notebook to give this a spin.

I had a specific DVD in mind. I bought it off eBay several years ago, cheap. It’s a UK DVD that won’t play on regular American DVD players.

So I was interested to see if I could finally look at it via vlc. I could. And did.

Even though I have the entire series on US DVD, I wanted this UK DVD because it touted this extra:

I figured these would be PDFs and I needed a PC DVD drive to see them. Well, the rotten joke was on me! They’re video slideshows!

Bah! Gypped again!

I also tried another DVD, another eBay special. This is an American bootleg of the pilot of the near-forgotten 1960s excellent sitcom, He & She. Given the flicker, murkiness, and impossibly-low resolution, this looks like it was cammed from a 16mm collector’s print.

By the way, that’s the same Leonard Stern who passed away last week.

I’ve got some other DVDs I might try later today. From two Japanese TV series. I might try this: How To Copy a DVD with VLC 1.0 and pull out a scene or two to put up on YouTube as a test.


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  1. That VLC is the killer. I only really use it for music. It’s got great EQ, wire up with big speakers. But it’s another shining example of open source being the best.

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