Original Sony Reader PRS-500 Brochure

Who brings you the good stuff?

Wait a minute… stop looking over there.

Here is a scan of the first actual-sized Sony Reader brochure, for the model PRS-500. This is circa 2006. The dawn of the eInk era.

Click on any to enlarge. I’ve made it so you can see read each page first, then I have the spreads.



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6 responses to “Original Sony Reader PRS-500 Brochure

  1. That was a nice little gadget. it wasn’t terribly fast or functional, but it was nice.

  2. The battery died on my PRS-500, and the screen was a bit muddy, but the build quality was super. I even got the suede leather cover!

    • mikecane

      Did you get another Sony? Or are you going for a Kindle?

      • I didn’t buy another Sony. Before calibre came along, I was frustrated by the proprietary software you had to use to manage the Reader — much like the execrable SonicStage thing they supplied with their mp3 and MiniDisc players. The Reader management software (whatever it’s called) only runs on Windows, which I detest, and Wine for Linux as yet provides inadequate USB support. In the end I went for a Kindle 3; at least you can drag and drop with that, and from any computer with a USB socket.

        Sony’s closed attitude to their devices must have cost them a lot of customers and brand loyalty.

      • mikecane

        Sony still thinks it’s Sony and this is the 1970s and the days when they ruled with Trinitron. The company is infested with a bunch of unimaginative corporate stiffs. They have zero idea how badly the brand name has fallen outside of their narcissistic bubble.

  3. Keishon

    Not that long ago and it looks ancient….hey, I can’t keep up with the technology. Refuse to even try. The one I have is the one I’m sticking with until it’s dead.

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