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TV: The Shadow Line, Episode Seven, Conclusion

No spoilers ahead.

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Good Riddance!

At post time, the live local TV coverage has yet to begin. He’s running late to his resignation. If it was an assignation, I’m sure he would be early.

The only thing sicker than this guy’s behavior have been the posts and articles I’ve seen from the Professional Left trying to deflect the issue into one about the balance of power in the House. You’re worse scum than he is.

Update: Just watched the live announcement. Weiner’s acts were described by him as a “distraction.” A heckler in the audience loudly shouted “pervert” and something about “seven inches” before being led out by police. That was stupid. Weiner had no tears, no shame. What he probably intended as a dignified presentation came off as psychologically and emotionally disconnected. I repeat: Good riddance!

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Some Things Just Aren’t Right

This is an inflammatory video purporting to show wretched working conditions at an iPad-producing Foxconn factory in China.

There’s just one thing I want to touch on: the clocking in and out process.

The video shows hundreds of people jammed around one scanner for clocking in and out?

That’s outrageous.

I’m sure Foxconn has statisticians who can project how much labor is required to produce X number of iPads.

Get those damn statheads working on how many scanners are required so everyone can be clocked out within one minute after their shifts are over.

I don’t give a damn if you need fifty or a hundred scanners.

Do it, you bastards.

You don’t steal time from their lives like that.

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Harold Lloyd Will Eat Your Lunch (Hour)

Via Metafilter, on YouTube, a 1923 silent movie starring Harold Lloyd, Why Worry?

Lloyd plays self-absorbed hypochondriac Harold Van Pelham, who sails to the South American island retreat of Paradiso.

Which has been primed for revolution by an American agitator and erupts in chaos.

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iOS And Internet Identity

In the past year, based on hacking incidents at several sites, I’ve had to change and strengthen my passwords.

Just now I had to log into a service and was reminded at how bloody long I had to make the password. It now takes a few seconds to type it on a conventional keyboard — more seconds if I wind up making a typo, which I sometimes do.

I was wondering how I’d handle that on the glass keyboard of a tablet. And if people find it frustrating when using an iPad or iPhone.

Which made me wonder, given all the talk of Twitter being a new form of Internet Identity because of its integration into iOS 5, why the iPad and iPhone don’t do identity differently.

Most corporate notebooks have fingerprint scanners in them. I’m not sure Apple would want to go to that additional expense.

All their devices have front-facing cameras, however. Why couldn’t Apple devise software that would algorithmically recognize a face and use it as a password? Would that be possible? There have been some notebooks that have had this feature. But only Apple could popularize it — and probably do it right too.

I just don’t want to face a glass keyboard with these damn long passwords I’ve had to create and memorize.

PS: Yes, I know there are password managers and the like. But every device and every bit of software can be hacked. When it’s stored in my head, it’d take in-person physical torture to get it out of me, not some clever bugger I’d never see at a keyboard in some distant location.


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Fans Continue Fighting For TV’s Endgame Series

Showcase doesn’t yet realize it has a quirky show on its hands that can become a hit if they nurture it.

Here’s an update on the campaign to save the show:

Almost every major paper in Canada carried reviews of Endgame and the campaign to save the show. The final episode had 172,000 viewers despite being aired on the same night as game six. It numbered more viewers than any other program showing on Showcase that night (take that, Showcase suits).

This afternoon, series star Shawn Doyle tweeted this: “Thunderbird had a productive time in Banff. THE SETS ARE STILL UP. YOUR CAMPAIGN IS HAVING A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT! Retweet the hell outa this!” .

Star Shawn Doyle is on Twitter.

So is Showcase TV.

Go to the Save Endgame Page and sign the petition!

Previously here:

TV: Fans Rally To Save Endgame


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Nook Touch Rooting: June 16th News

Note: All Nook Touch rooting news of this day will be consolidated into this single post, with any updates at the end.

Whoa! From an XDA Developers forum post: Is this the source code of the Nook Touch? Right-click and Save As this link will prompt a download of a tgz compressed file. The file is listed as “images.barnesandnoble.com/PResources/download/Nook/source-code/nook2_1-0.tgz.” I’m not technically adept to do anything with that file. But I advise everyone to grab a copy Just In Case.

Maybe having that will speed up an easy rooting procedure from the haXXorz? There is still no hint of anyone working on such a thing, however.

A Very Important Reminder! People keep hitting this wall:

I do all the steps in the instructions. Remove the SD card and hold the power button down. The rooted forever screen goes away and it acts like it is rebooting into normal start up mode but just then stays on the read forever screen. I then have to plug into USB on the computer and it reloads stock firmware on its own. I have done all the steps multiple times. ANy ideas?

The solution is this:

you might have forgotten to rename the uRamdisk_rooted to uRamdisk?

Now onto other items…

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