Fans Continue Fighting For TV’s Endgame Series

Showcase doesn’t yet realize it has a quirky show on its hands that can become a hit if they nurture it.

Here’s an update on the campaign to save the show:

Almost every major paper in Canada carried reviews of Endgame and the campaign to save the show. The final episode had 172,000 viewers despite being aired on the same night as game six. It numbered more viewers than any other program showing on Showcase that night (take that, Showcase suits).

This afternoon, series star Shawn Doyle tweeted this: “Thunderbird had a productive time in Banff. THE SETS ARE STILL UP. YOUR CAMPAIGN IS HAVING A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT! Retweet the hell outa this!” .

Star Shawn Doyle is on Twitter.

So is Showcase TV.

Go to the Save Endgame Page and sign the petition!

Previously here:

TV: Fans Rally To Save Endgame



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8 responses to “Fans Continue Fighting For TV’s Endgame Series

  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting about our campaign, Mike! We appreciate all the encouragement and support coming from bloggers! You rock!

    • Xu Hong-Xiang

      Endgame is great TV show. I mean sure it was 1 of best TV show ever created. Many people including myself enjoy it every much: the story line and character of the show. I guess it shame that we won’t found out what happen to his girlfirend who got kill outside the hotel.

  2. P.N. Usgaonkar

    Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm, Mike! Always great to hear more Endgame news!

  3. the last comment here was just over two years ago…does that mean “Endgame” is RIP?

  4. Jay

    WTF, let’s get going with Seaso 2

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