Nook Touch Rooting: June 16th News

Note: All Nook Touch rooting news of this day will be consolidated into this single post, with any updates at the end.

Whoa! From an XDA Developers forum post: Is this the source code of the Nook Touch? Right-click and Save As this link will prompt a download of a tgz compressed file. The file is listed as “” I’m not technically adept to do anything with that file. But I advise everyone to grab a copy Just In Case.

Maybe having that will speed up an easy rooting procedure from the haXXorz? There is still no hint of anyone working on such a thing, however.

A Very Important Reminder! People keep hitting this wall:

I do all the steps in the instructions. Remove the SD card and hold the power button down. The rooted forever screen goes away and it acts like it is rebooting into normal start up mode but just then stays on the read forever screen. I then have to plug into USB on the computer and it reloads stock firmware on its own. I have done all the steps multiple times. ANy ideas?

The solution is this:

you might have forgotten to rename the uRamdisk_rooted to uRamdisk?

Now onto other items…

XDA Developers forum:

This post has a link and instructions for the Superuser apk. Superuser is required for many important things.

This post discusses uninstalling apps.

This post discusses programming the four hard buttons and this post explains which apps correctly use them and this post theorizes about how apps see them.

This post discusses some quirks of Button Savior installation and a solution that was used.

This post reminds people to download the Amazon-required app in order to download apps from the Amazon Android App Store.

MobileRead forums:

Have been quiet. But this post mentions an app that will sync eBooks being read with FBreader for Android across devices. There’s an entire discussion thread about that.

And we have a new video!

Angry Birds was kind of a bust, but games with more modest animation needs, such as this Scrabble clone, or the similar “Words With Friends”, are quite playable on a rooted Nook Touch. All hail Android!

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