Apple Has A Patent For Blank Hardware UI


A graphical user interface (“GUI”) can be presented on a remote control accessory device that has user input and display devices. The GUI can be defined and managed by a portable media device that is controlled using the GUI. The portable media device can provide the accessory with a GUI image to be displayed. The accessory can send information to the portable media device indicative of a user operation of an input device in response to the displayed image. The portable media device can process this input to identify the action requested by the user and take the appropriate action, which can include updating the GUI image provided to the accessory.

That is the seed for using blank hardware.

Replace “portable media device” with “Cloud Server” and Apple already has it covered.

— via Patently Apple link

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4 responses to “Apple Has A Patent For Blank Hardware UI

  1. Patents are usually written to be as broad as possible, however I’m not sure based on a quick scan of the patent that you can easily replace “portable media device” by “cloud server.” That seems a bit of a stretch for this one.

    • mikecane

      The underlying principle: Making hardware do something it was not designed to do. Blank hardware is designed to do nothing.

  2. Brett

    The concept of dumb terminals has been around forever. This is NOT a general patent for a dumb GUI terminal for a cloud service. I’m not sure that patent could be enforced. I think X Windows represents prior art.

    Here, Apple is specifically patenting the concept of a GUI remote control accessory for a portable media device (perhaps a wireless wristwatch controller/display for a pocketed media player).

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