Nook Touch Rooting: June 17th News

Note: All Nook Touch rooting news of this day will be consolidated into this single post, with any updates at the end.

Update June 17: See end of post.

Let me get this out of the way first because I see this is an ongoing wall that people are hitting when they attempt to root their new Nook Touch. People get stuck at the Rooted Forever screen and don’t know what to do. This is because sites have given them these instructions:

Click = big

That is actual incorrect information I’ve been seeing on site after site. There is a step missing!

Click = big

Rename it before copying it to the Nook Touch!

If you missed the link on the 14th for a very good tutorial, here it is again: How to root Nook Touch and side load apps (Kindle, ADW launcher), review

XDA Developers Forum:

This post mentions standard pasting into text fields does not seem to work.

This post mentions possible problems using D-Link wireless routers using WPA2 and a workaround he used. He also states:

I’d also like to add that Launcher Pro has a few bugs.

  • Shortcuts do not work
  • Dock icons (other than internet) do not work nor can be changed – But you can still change the swipe gesture
  • Can’t change icons either

Working applications I’ve tested:

  • Amazon Appstore: Works flawlessly. Have only tested apps that I’ve downloaded in my history.
  • Button Savior
  • Dropbox
  • Engadget
  • NookColor Tools
  • Opera Mini: My life is complete, no bugs. So far… I use Google Reader’s mobile website and I LOVE it. All I’ve ever wanted!
  • Real Calc
  • Shredder Chess: Each move causes a screen refresh, but works.
  • SuperUser
  • SwitchPro Widget: How did you guys get Bluetooth working? So far, nothing. I heard reported that the nook2 has bluetooth capabilities, but I can’t seem to find any trace.
  • Task Panel: App killer

What hasn’t worked?

  • Plants vs Zombies: :( Can’t plant anything. Would of been the perfect game!

Two more things.

  • There’s a music app. Why? No idea. Almost everything else “Android” is removed, there is a gallery and browser app, but everything else is missing as expected. The only thing that’s unexpectedly there is a Music app. Maybe left overs from the nook color rom?
  • Lastly – Battery life. Battery seems to be dropping 2-4x faster than before my nook was unrooted and only running it’s default launcher app. More apps starting up in the ram = less battery life. I’m going to use autostarts to try and disable all the garbage running in the background. I’ll get to that tonight or tomorrow though. The screen constantly refreshing probably doesn’t help either.

This post mentions some problems with Aldiko:

some partially truncated menus and some buttons difficult to activate

MobileRead forums:

This post explains what the current rooting process means, which I will partially quote here:

It is my understanding that when you boot from an SD card, all that happens is that you can connect to the device from PC via USB cable and you can replace the boot image in device memory. When you replace the boot image, you reboot the device again, this time without an SD card and a backdoor (adb service) is opened for you on your device, so you can start installing stuff through WiFi network (using adb connect ). The adb is the command from commandline on your pc. adb is Android Debug Bridge – a software that is installed as a part of Google Android SDK (Software Development Kit)

You will not be rebooting into something that is going to work until you’ve ADBed a Launcher and apps onto it!

There is no method like the one for the NookColor, where someone can just pop in a microSD card full of goodies, turn on the Nook Touch, and BAM! — instant rooting with full functionality and apps. We’re still waiting for someone to develop that.

There were no new videos of a rooted Nook Touch, alas. Why don’t some of you post them for us to see?!

Update: Ah, look at this!

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