TV: Luther, The Stupid Continues

I am about eight minutes into episode three and my will to live is fading.

Look, Neil Cross is probably a right bloke, but all he’s done so far is rearrange every fucking cliche I’ve ever seen over and and over again.

You might sse me bitch about this a few times more. I have to watch it because Kierston Wareing, who was Gabriel’s hot kick-ass partner in The Shadow Line, is in the first episode of the second season. So I’m watching the first season first.

What a price I am paying to see her again.

Previously here:

TV: Luther

Updated …

So far, Luther is a lesson in What You Should Not Write.

Really, if your stuff has any bits from Luther in it, go rent a circular saw and amputate your fingers — because the world does not need even MOAR cliche.

Episode 4 had Nicola Walker in it. She co-starred in Touching Evil. A hell of a performance, but even that scene above was cliche.

I must slog through two more episodes of this shit to get to Kierston Wareing.

It better be worth it.

Second update …

I already knew the wife was going to get it. In fact, I looked forward to that cliched, cardboard character being erased. How it happened was actually a surprise.

This episode’s script had the structure of projectile vomit: A total mess. Shockingly, the cliche level also dropped. A Commenter said the series got better in the latter half. I don’t yet know about that, but episode five at least didn’t make me wish for my own death.

Just one more to endure before Kierston Wareing.

Third update …

Episode six … finally. And not a bad script at all, except for the cliche ending! Still, it’s the first time I’ve seen a sociopath, an ex-husband, and a boyfriend as allies. So there was that.

Now on to Kierston Wareing. Dammit.

Final update …

So, finally, it’s Kierston Wareing:

Who got all of a few minutes. But is probably in more episodes.

But guess what the fucking New Cliche Villain is now?

I’d rather die than watch this goddammed series ever again!



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4 responses to “TV: Luther, The Stupid Continues

  1. Prescient

    There was absolutely nothing cliche about that scene with Nicola Walker I never thought they’d have the balls to have her kill the husband. The fact that you’re only watching this show to see some bloated bee-stung-lipped whore who couldn’t act her way out of a soggy maxi pad is all anyone needs to know about your caliber of judgement.

  2. sad I have to hate this show

    The acting overall has been terrific and compelling. Um, except for Ms. Bee Sting Lips who was given a shit part and did a shit job.

    The acting on Luther brings me back time and again, though the scriptwriters punish me for it again and again.

    It’s an odd show, everything is terrific except the scripts are total shit.

  3. Mike

    Christ, I thought the world and it’s Dog thought Luther was the best of TV, I joined Twitter just to post my huge frustration of a brand that should be championing British Drama not slaughtering it. Plot holes, a script scribed by a high school drama group ( this probably an insult to teens ) it actually left me seething with anger, I’ve worked with Ruth Wilson & I know her to be a really credible performer, how unfortunate that the script didn’t support the acting dept. Oh and put a fucking ‘Lut’ on the grade or shoot in the 24hr sun of Scandinavia for Christ’s sake, such lazy treatment of the digital stock! Rant over

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