YouTube: Kobo eReader Touch Review

Kobo apparently pushed out their firmware update to their new Touch device. eInk page refresh delay is now an option, as you’ll see in the video after the break.

Very noticeable is that the device is more responsive and seems snappy compared to the very early videos. The browser slays the one on the Nook Touch too — and it can download ePubs!



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3 responses to “YouTube: Kobo eReader Touch Review

  1. Eric

    I’ve been playing with mine for a couple days now, and I’m very happy with it. In fact, it just might replace my kindle 3 as my primary reader.

    If only there was a good case for it. No matter – that will come in time.

    My favorite “oh, that’s a nice touch” feature is the Airplane Mode for wifi. Couples the convenience of not having to turn on-and-off the wifi with longer battery life. The configurable sleep/power off timers are nice as well.

    Quite a good device overall, in my estimation.

    • mikecane

      The Kindle, as you know, uses a different eBook format. So how could the Kobo replace it when it can’t use the books you’ve already bought?

      • Eric

        I strip DRM and then manage my ebooks with Calibre, including converting formats. Yes, I’ll lose dictionary support on the Kobo, but that’s not as important a feature for me.

        And, while I know Calibre’s ePub output isn’t up to production quality, it’s good enough for personal use.

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