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YouTube: I Am The Doctor

What is the definition of “epic”?


Oh! And something else: I don’t have anything to lose!

Update: More after the break!

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YouTube: The Muffs At Maxwell’s In NJ

January 2009. I knew they were going to be at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. But I couldn’t go.

Now I’ve just seen some of what I missed:

But it just gets worse …

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YouTube: Creaky Boards

Been watching music on YouTube. Came across this killer from Creaky Boards, a band I posted about once before.

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YouTube: Meet The Author


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Quote Of The Day: Shadow Line


People don’t do bad things just because they want to stroke a white cat.


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Nook Touch Rooting: June 19th News

Note: Due to reading plans being postponed by Real Life stuff, this post will be updated as needed today.

It’s Father’s Day and all the men with child are being treated like kings, or something. Lucky for all of you, I am without such distracting spawn, so this post.

I had hoped to finally fondle a Nook Touch this morning while in Manhattan. Said plan was thwarted when I realized I hadn’t brought along a camera. It would have been pointless for me without getting some snaps.

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Why The iPad Has Triumphed

Over at GottaBeMobile, Warner Crocker has an excellent post about the so-called tablet market: Trouble in Tablet Land?

This is the bit that made me pause and also half laugh:

Keep in mind that before the original iPad was released, the prevailing wisdom was that Apple had to not only produce a good device but make a case for why it was needed. To be honest, I’m not sure the latter has been done successfully on all levels.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

We are well into the fourth decade of personal computing. Does any case still need to be made as to why anyone should have a computer? Of any kind? Desktop, notebook, or tablet?

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