Amanda Hocking Jumps The Shark

She’s all the rage in this New York Times Magazine extravaganza.

And she just killed her writing cred by saying this:

For me to be a billion-dollar author, I need to have people buying my books at Wal-Mart.

So, it’s not about the writing.

It’s about the money.

No, I’m not surprised.

Hocking is the eBook equivalent of the Pet Rock.



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11 responses to “Amanda Hocking Jumps The Shark

  1. Danielle

    Even though I never read her I would take her comment as a slap in the face! She is biting the hand that feeds her and put her on the book map. Why does everyone think the world revolves around Walmart?????

    • mikecane

      Wal-Mart sells tons of books and I think that’s her coldly-calculated audience market. But people who add up their money aren’t writers. They’re accountants and Suits. Not even JK Rowling sat around in her early days planning a goddam theme park. Christ, will we have an Amandaville coming next?

      • I think it’s been about the money for quite some time (with books, music, etc. — all of the creative mediums in ‘mass culture’ forms), at the total expense of craft, innovation, originality, etc. It seems like post-2000s mainstream breakout success = mindless/escapist entertainment (something which is controlled/influenced by the mass media, to quite a considerable extent).

        On a subtler, more insidious note, perhaps it’s keeping in line with the concept of ‘1984: Thoughtcrime’ too :P

  2. AM

    That was a really sucky thing to say, but then again I thought the whole interview sucked. And did you notice the pictures in the frames behind her had the photos the frames came with in them? Was that supposed to be cool, because I thought it was pretty lame.

    • mikecane

      The piece was a hatchet job that basically made her look like Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs: poor white trash once removed. But she hanged herself with that one sentence.

    • I actually felt really sorry for her. She seems to me to be a rather (self-)sheltered young woman (hanging out online and writing fanfic) who doesn’t know what to do with all the attention and hasn’t learned the phrases, “I’m just glad to be able to play ball” and “I’m just happy to be nominated” yet.

      That photo was painful; clearly she was uncomfortable sitting for it, and probably knew that everyone would look at it and laugh.

      I really could’t care less about the Wal-Mart remark. It’s her measure of “arrival,” her goal. I get that. But remember that her stated goal has always been to be able to get back to writing instead of constantly taking care of the business of Being Amanda Hocking. Being in Wal-Mart assures her of that for (probably) the rest of her life.

      To me, she just looked like a lost little girl at a birthday party being forced to play all the party games she hates, while just wanting to go back inside and play with her toys. Alone.

  3. You could look at it that at least she’s honest and not kicking out the standard PR lines all the other dullards do. Make a billion… yeah! Let’s all make a billion and get in that Walmart. Better still let’s write blank books! Written in ten seconds and we minted!

  4. Moriah Jovan,

    You sound silly. When I saw Amanda she seemed VERY together. The girl has got a good head on her shoulders. She’s smart. I thought she looked great in the video interviews. She always does. And she has studied the market. She’s sold a million books on her own so I trust she can make the right decision here.

    And from everything I’ve seen, so-called writers who blast other writers for trying to earn a living : not real writers. People who throw that “not real writers” label around are flat broke. End of story. And they’re NOT bestselling authors either, they’re just flappping their gums. In fact, why am I even on this site responding to this crap? Oh, right, I Googled Amanda Hocking.

    • mikecane

      >>>Oh, right, I Googled Amanda Hocking.

      Which was your second mistake, Amanda. The first was you braying about being “a billion-dollar writer.”

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