AMC-TV’s The Killing: R U FFR?

The Killing Finale, What Did You Think?

I saw only a few minutes of the first episode, immediately hated it, and ignored it until today.


According to that post, the male replacement-cum-sidekick (Jan Meyer in the original, Stephen Holder in AMC’s) wasn’t murdered as in Forbrydelsen, and there was no arrest at the end of the series!

All of you disaffected and betrayed AMC viewers, I will now tell you who killed the original “Rosie Larsen” — Nanna Birk Larsen — in Forbrydelsen.

It was the Larsen’s right-hand man.

Which made no goddammed sense in the original Forbrydelsen because the M.O. of the killer did not match up with the guy they pinned it on.

She was brutally raped and tortured.

That’s not the kind of act someone who had been a family friend and was trying to prevent her elopement would have engaged in. Period.

If I just spoiled AMC’s weak adaptation for you, then good. You don’t need to watch that abomination’s second season now.

You are free.

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Forbrydelsen: Post-Mortem



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9 responses to “AMC-TV’s The Killing: R U FFR?

  1. Dan Franklin

    I just finished the Danish version over the weekend. I think you have a point about the violence of the attack not correlating with Vagn’s proximity to the family.

    But I think that the back story of how Theis and Vagn dealt with the drug dealer and then the teacher is supposed to illustrate how they are both capable of uncharacteristic paroxysms of violence. And Vagn’s harboured desire and barely-restrained racism could have resulted in the violent rape.

    • mikecane

      I don’t see how even being a racist leads to hours and hours of sadistic vaginal and anal rape. He grew up around that family. It’s too big a leap, despite the fact episode one established him as also engaging in some criminality: selling hot TVs. But even selling stolen goods doesn’t make a connection to rape!

  2. GuitarSlinger

    Molto grazie ( or Takk if you prefer ) for the solution . Just caught onto the series last week and watched the first season on demand because I was ill . After 70 minutes of season two today , ( DVR ) I couldn’t take it anymore . Implausible plots , complications for the sake of complexity , more story lines crammed into one plot than any ‘ mystery ‘ should contain , along with characters acting out of character etc etc etc . To be honest I barely made it past 40 minutes when any appeal I had wore off . Too bad really . There was a good story/mystery available underneath all the crap AMC felt they needed to shove into it and from what you’re saying the Danish original was just as bad .

    • mikecane

      No, the Danish version was superior in every way. It just fell apart in the final episode, with the revelation of the unbelievable killer.

  3. Kay

    Sorry but I love The Killing (US version). That being said, whenever I’ve seen another version of a film or TV show I enjoyed, the first is always the best and any subsequent version seems a cheap imitation. It’s what we call the primacy effect in psychology. I loved the BBCs Being Human but can’t stand the US version, for instance. If I see Forbrydelsen now after the killing, I suspect I’d be disappointed.

    • mikecane

      Perhaps you would be, I don’t know. But I couldn’t continue with AMC’s version after the first ten minutes of the first episode. What you describe is probably what I went through with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I thought the Swedish movie version was superior, but after reading the book, I came to see that the American version has its own good points.

  4. mars

    enough already!!!!! are they ever going to get to the main plot of the story-who killed rosie larsen??? after last sundays episode,i was so confused with everything that was going on,i do not think seriously that i will waste my time with the show!!!!! they have ruined what was to be a good show and have thrown so much crap in this show,it is hard to keep up with the storyline!!! i would have to go back an watch last weeks show..and sit close to my tv, and pay real good attention to all things that are going on!!!! WHAT A SHAME!!!

    • sarah

      i have convinced myself that rosie’s aunt terry is the killer. you know it’ll be someone the detectives and the parents never suspected, plus terry seems to be taking care of her 2 nephews more out of guilt than love. she had to have known about the money in the bank account in her name.. obviously terry would have needed a male accomplice (due to the fact that rosie was raped), but i’m willing to bet i’m right.

      • mikecane

        I do not watch AMC’s version. Haven’t since the first ten minutes of the first episode, which I thought was awful compared to the Danish original.

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