Sony’s US$99.99 New Reader?

Consumer reports now rumor-mongering about a new Sony Reader coming this month

That’s interesting and I want to believe it. I wouldn’t want to see Sony leave the eBook market despite the egregious mismanagement of the entire company and all the missteps of its Reader division.

We see that current devices can be priced as low as US$129.99 (I leave out the US$114 Kindle with Offers).

I think Sony could do one for US$99.99.

Take the current US$179.99 PRS-350 with five-inch IR touchscreen and:

  • remove stylus
  • remove buttons
  • shrink casing further
  • use cheaper casing

Adding WiFi is really a negligible expense these days. The stylus and buttons are the most expensive bits.

So, for US$99.99 they can call it the Sony Reader Basic.



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