The Scott Adams Meltdown

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has done another sucktastically insane blog post: Pegs and Holes

Someone tell me about this bizarre mind virus that seems to be taking over the brains of some men so I can avoid contracting it!

At another site, which I won’t link to, a writer has basically stated that pedophiles are blameless because they’re only following their “nature” too!

Why doesn’t Adams go all the way down that road too?

Is that the kind of fucked-up society these people really want? Because we’re already on the road to it: Just look at how much financial raping there’s been with home mortgages! It’s a small step, really, from being a financial sociopath to being a homicidal sociopath.

Quoting Napoleon Hill:

When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it. If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it. If they remain in contact with it long enough, they finally embrace it, and become influenced by it.

When you start to base your success on getting over on people, on pulling a fast one, on outright fraud, people are seen as nothing but objects, as obstacles to be removed.

Thus, in Scott Adams’ world, a man doesn’t see a woman. He sees a pussy to violate. The woman it’s a part of is just an obstacle to his own momentary, transitory pleasure.

There used to be such things as self-discipline, self-denial, self-direction. I don’t give a shit how corny it sounds, but those used to be preached widely in America and it’s what made us distinct from all other nations.

I think people in the past had a better sense of what human nature was like than Scott Adams does.

Where Adams throws up his hands and gives up, those in past times didn’t quit and fought to improve people for the betterment of everyone.

One of the best Comments at that warped blog post was this one:

So let me get this straight. You’re saying that men are too stupid and fragile to control themselves? That men are not responsible for their actions because they’re hormonally prone to outbursts of emotion that force them to commit crimes of violence and rape, and that we should excuse them for that?

Wow. The poor dears just can’t help themselves, so they must be indulged… I kind of like that. Now when men do stupid and dangerous things, the world can say, “Just ignore him, he’s on the rag.”

Thanks for that!

Next up on Adams’ agenda will no doubt be a rousing call for the return of slavery!



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7 responses to “The Scott Adams Meltdown

  1. OMG. I hope you don’t contract that either. What planet is he on? Certainly not the same one I’m on.

    For crying out loud, he doesn’t even seem to remember that it’s by and large MEN who CREATED and RUN the society he lives in. At least that’s what I gather when he says stuff like this:

    “All I’m saying is that society has evolved to keep males in a state of continuous unfulfilled urges, more commonly known as unhappiness. No one planned it that way. Things just drifted in that direction.”


    You are right. To prevent infection, maybe you should wear a mask when you go outside. Er, um….

    • mikecane

      I think George Gilder started this shit and others in the neocon movement have glommed onto it. Basically, it takes the love of a woman to civilize a man. That perspective makes all men out to be dumb fucks, worse than children, who need to be kept on a leash. Basically, it excuses their worst behaviors. And that’s bullshit, period. I’m sick of the sociopaths being used as models for what it means to be a man. They aren’t. They’re DEVIANTS!

  2. Reading that I just wanted to go back in time to see what us homo sapiens were really like back on the African Savannah – particularly the males. And maybe go back to see the conflict between homo erectus and homo sapiens, which resulted in the former being wiped out (not necessarily through violence).

    Most of what we’ve got now is a construct – constructed by left brain, conscious mind thinking. So it’s hard to be sure what we actually are minus all the pretence. Go back in time and we’d know. We’d see a more essence like consciousness.

    • mikecane

      My basic philosophy is this: Half of our lives is wasted having shit poured into our heads by other people. The second half of our lives is spent trying to pull out all of that shit so we can be free.

  3. Catbert

    Clearly, you don’t read Scott Adams’ blog very often. He may look mild-mannered, but he loves to take things that one step too far just to see if anyone notices it. He gets people bent out of shape because they think he’s serious. If you believe him, then you’ve fallen for it also. Remember, never take finanacial, political, sociological, or philosophical advice from a cartoonist.

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