Browser Speeds

Firefox 4.x is the slowest goddammed thing I’ve ever used. I’m constantly cursing at my crap PC now because of how long it takes to build simple pages.

And it’s not my crap PC, either.

Because I’m typing this inside of Opera now. I decided to launch it again and, lo, there was an update to Opera 11.11.

And this thing is greased lightning!

I don’t know if this Opera update fixed all the issues that made me stop using it. But I’m going to give it a whirl for a while.

Thing is, all my damn bookmarks and RSS feeds are in Firefox now. On the other hand, I have my Speed Dial back.

And just plain speeeeeeeed too.

Update: Opera regenerated my damn Speed Dial. It’s not supposed to do that. With 282 Dials, it took about a frikkin half hour. It made a 40MB file that it expected to load every time I opened a Speed Dial tab. That’s just nuts. Once again, I resized all the 1024px-wide “thumbnails” down to 2##px wide. If you need to batch resize a bunch of PNGs fast, I recommend FastStone Photo Resizer. I downloaded and used it especially for this. It is Win.

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