Dropp For iOS: Wow

What if you could leave a message for someone anyplace on Earth?

Dropp (and the rise of “MicroSocial”)

This is bloody genius!

Whenever writer Christopher Fowler does a post on his blog about a London spot or location he’s used in his Bryant & May series, I keep thinking, “Bloody hell. How will I remember that? And if I’m ever in London, I wouldn’t want to impose on Chris for a tour.”

Dropp is the answer. He could make Dropps that would alert me when I’m near one of those locations and I’d know.

And all those locations used in Rubicon that I posted about? If I had an iPhone, I could make Dropps so people would know when they’ve hit such a spot.

This is really exciting software. It layers intelligence over the world.


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4 responses to “Dropp For iOS: Wow

  1. If you like this, there is also Repudo, which enables you to leave all kind of digital files (including e-books for example): http://www.repudo.com/

  2. Dropp is not the first iPhone app to do this. Check out http://www.repudo.com. We’ve already been using it to drop ebooks (for everyone, or for a selected number of people).

  3. Thanks for the writeup, Mike! We’re committed to making Dropp as useful as can be. Right now since we just released it, we’re working on bug-fixes for the next couple of releases, but then we’ll be rolling out great new features/partnerships that will make Dropp the best app of its kind.

  4. I’ll give Dropp a go, Mike. And I don’t mind doing tours. I’m quite used to it!

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