Nook Touch Rooting: June 21st News

Note: All Nook Touch rooting news of this day will be consolidated into this single post, with any updates at the end.

Repeating yesterday’s big news: Nook Touch Rooting: Script Package!

Another big development that happened yesterday I didn’t mention. And it’s a good thing too, because it might have bricked your Nook Touch! We are on the verge of having an easy rooting process, finally!

TouchNooter is a package that creates a microSD card from which a Nook Touch can be rooted automagically just by popping in the card and turning on the device.

Currently, this method is broken, but follow this XDA Developers forum thread for progress.

XDA Developers forum

This post provides a method for getting some Google apps to work.

This post says Nook for Android does not work.

This post has a clever trick for transferring Android apps from a smartphone to a Nook Touch:

I’ve copied my TitaniumBackup folder from my smartphone to the nook sd.

Now i can install all my apps (including pro versions) to the nook.

He lists software:

working (on restore)

  • Titanium Backup
  • XDA (Premium)
  • Read it later (Pro)
  • ElectroDroid
  • RootExplorer
  • Twitter
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Wifi Analyzer
  • Permissions Denied
  • Samba Filesharing
  • ShoppingList Plus

NOT working (on restore)

  • Titanium Backup PRO (after restoring the unlock app, titanium freezes)
  • Tasker
  • Agile Messenger
  • Hackers Keybord
  • Parcels

And here is a photo:

Click = big

MobileRead forum

This guy’s Nook Touch still seems to be bricked.

We have a second video from that guy who wants to sell you a process for rooting the Nook Touch. Do not buy it. All the information you need has been in my post links here! I run the video simply to illustrate a rooted Nook Touch:

Lastly, with an easy method for Nook Touch rooting being imminent, these update posts will stop most likely by the end of this week.

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