eInk Screensaver Experiments

I got the idea to go to Cover Browser to see how comic book covers would scale to an eInk screen.

Well, the JPEGs there must be enlarged a bit and then they are actually too narrow for 600px wide. So I had to back it with gray and then trim. Then convert to grayscale.

See the result of Captain America #1 after the break.

Click = big / Right-click Save As…

Then I got the idea to see about classic TV Guide covers. Yeah, I know, practically a heresy, but still.

Well, most need a bit of enlargement too and they also turn out to be too narrow and need backing with gray as well.

Two experiments follow.

This first one is obviously a scan of an issue when it had center folded stapling. The left edge curve is obvious.

Click = big / Right-click Save As…

I would have bet the next one had the same kind of binding — not the squared glue binding that came later — and yet the original image was perfectly flat and aligned.

Click = big / Right-click Save As…

Bob Peak always did the best damn covers.

Magazine covers scale the best, although some need 3-8px of side trimming to make them edge-to-edge:

Click = big / Right-click Save As…

Click = big / Right-click Save As…

Go forth and make your own!

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3 responses to “eInk Screensaver Experiments

  1. Ooh I totally downloaded that fabulous Detective Magazine cover to put on my Nook. Thanks Mike! :-)

  2. here are lots of screensaver, it says that are for the Kindle, but…

    • mikecane

      Very good find! Any eInk device with a 600×800 screen can use those — as long as they allow screensavers to be installed.

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