More eInk Screensavers

I’ve covered this in past posts:

Add Your Own Picture to the Kindle Screensaver
HowTo: Sony Reader Screensavers
Screensavers For eInk eBook Devices

With so many people buying an eInk device — Nook Touch — for the first time, I thought I’d do it again.

There’s also a Barnes & Noble forum thread tutorial here: Wallpaper/Screensaver Tutorial. It mainly covers the classic Nook, though.

The image at the top of this post came from BooksForNooks: Wallpapers / Screensavers.

At Kindle and Nook Dragon Screensaver you can find stunners like this one:

At this blog, there’s a few eInk ones collected from elsewhere, such as this one:

The Nook Screensavers blog hasn’t been updated since last year, has only a few, but a great one like this:

Nook-Look is dedicated to screensavers. But beware: Not all are pre-scaled to 600×800. Some are very small, like this:

When enlarged and converted to grayscale, it becomes this:

This blog post has a few, including this one I love:

This blog post and this blog post both claim a similar set of images, such as this amazing one:

A public library (scroll down there) offers four screensavers, including this one for you print fetishists:

Finally, from Deviant Art comes this one:


piikNOOK – A Picture Viewer for NOOK

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