Nook Touch Rooting: June 22nd News

Note: All Nook Touch rooting news of this day will be consolidated into this single post, with any updates at the end.

Don’t forget to see:

Nook Touch Rooting: Script Package!

[N2E] TouchNooter 1.6.20 – Broken

How to root Nook Touch and side load apps (Kindle, ADW launcher, Amazon App Store), review

Google’s latest anti-spamblog initiative seems to have nuked my Update posts in their search results when “Past 24 hours/sorted by date” is used. Meanwhile, it’s let in a hell of a lot more spamblogs. FAIL!

This thread at the Cyanogen(mod) forum has more requests for the Nook Touch.

Tablet ROMs forum now covers Nook Touch. Unfortunately, you must be a member to see linked content! So far all I see is material I’ve already linked to in these posts.

XDA Developers forum

This post has instructions for extracting the root filesystem.

This thread discusses the hardware buttons.

This thread contains modified ADB USB drivers.

This post gives a thumbs-up to using PDF viewer Repligo:


  • The panning is a little annoying because of the screen refreshing/flicker, but it looks rather good.
  • Double click to zoom in and out
  • The HW buttons don’t work.
  • Zooming / panning / annotations were my biggest hopes and I’m reasonably impressed with Repligo (no, I don’t work for them)

This post mentions how he got Android Market working.

This post gives some HowTo on ADB commands.

This post explains how to do a factory reset if rooting gets stuck:

Push power button and hold, then press and hold bottom left and right page buttons for 5 seconds.

This is a photo of what the screen will display:

Click = big

This thread is a reminder that cheap plate easels make good stands.

MobileRead forums

This post recommends Opera Mini over the built-in browser.

This post gives thumbs-up to Kindle for Android working over several days.

Rooting Nook Touch hits Japan

Nook Simple Touch Root adapts the script package mentioned at the top of this post for the Japanese language.

Nook Touch root — what’s very interesting about this post is that he installs the Trebuchet typeface and a Japanese set called MigMix on the Nook Touch:

% Adb pull / system / fonts # backup% adb push MigMix font-1P-regular.ttf / system / fonts / Trebuchet.ttf
% Adb push MigMix-1P-regular.ttf / system / fonts / Trebuchet-Italic.ttf
% Adb push MigMix-1P-bold.ttf / system / fonts / Trebuchet-Bold.ttf
% Adb push MigMix-1P-bold.ttf / system / fonts / Trebuchet-BoldItalic.ttf

Here’s a photo of that combination:

Today’s video is a bizarre booklight accessory that has nothing to do with rooting but seems to be something to avoid:

I don’t think that will fit the Nook Touch for one thing. Second thing, you can get cheapo LED booklights at ninety-nine cent stores that run off a single AAA or even a button battery without the hassle of that one.

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6 responses to “Nook Touch Rooting: June 22nd News

  1. dmoch

    Thank you for all of the great links. I’ve managed to root my Nook and now have Kindle, ADW Launcher and Opera Mini installed. It’s all seamless and now (almost) the perfect reader.

    The one thing I can’t seem to find anywhere and I’m hoping you may have come across it is a means to successfully enable ad-hoc network support. I have come across old links instructing how to replace the supplicant file on the Nook Color and enable adhoc network support, but am hesitant to try this on the Touch.

    Have you come across this at all?

    • mikecane

      Not for the Nook Touch yet, no. But these are still very early days. The XDAers are just now reaching the point of making it easy enough for people just to be able to root. The frosting comes later.

      • Scott H.

        I went ahead and tried the Nook Color wpa_supplicant stuff on my Nook Touch and I’m pleased to report it works just like it says it does on the Color. It has the same glitches reported as well, such as the signal strength not working properly and having to be toggled after the sleep, but it does work. I was able to tether it to my iPhone with MyWi. I backed up my original wpa_supplicant just in case but so far so good.

      • mikecane

        Thanks. I’ve added your Comment as an Update on the 28th’s News post.

  2. dmoch

    Great news!!! Going to give it a whirl and will report back…Thanks!!!

  3. dmoch

    Got it working, woo-hoo! I use MiWI and it seems as long as I keep WEP Security off, I can access my hotspot without issue. If I enable WEP Security, the Nook remains in an ‘Obtaining IP Address’ mode and never resolves the address..not sure why yet, but very happy to have a hotspot now!! Thanks Scott, and thank you Mike for all of the great information and links…your blog here gave me something I couldn’t get anywhere else!

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