Sony Tries Something New

This is not typical Sony behavior.

And a company about to leave the eBook field would not act like this.

Something’s coming.


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4 responses to “Sony Tries Something New

  1. worldserpent

    Hope that they are going to put out new models. The more competition in the e-reader field, the better, and I’m invested in the Japanese e-book industry growing. And I hope they do something about the compatibility with 64-bit macs.

    This is exactly the error that companies focused on selling books and user experience wouldn’t make.

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  3. Yeah, what’s coming is their move to be Rowling’s foundation and reinvigorate the brand through her. Watch other big writers go for it…

    • mikecane

      Well, they blew their chance to get a six-month exclusive on her books and stab Amazon during this Christmas with that!

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