Nook Touch Rooting: June 23rd News

Note: All Nook Touch rooting news of this day will be consolidated into this single post, with any updates at the end.

Don’t forget to see:

Nook Simple Touch Root & Setup Script Kit

[N2E] TouchNooter 1.6.22 It’s now fixed!

How to root Nook Touch and side load apps (Kindle, ADW launcher, Amazon App Store), review

Update: My posts again appear in Google results when doing Past 24 hours/Sort by time.

If you’re going to want screensavers, check out my two posts from yesterday:

More eInk Screensavers

eInk Screensaver Experiments

And for those in Russia: How To Buy A Nook Touch In Russia

XDA Developers forum

This post details how editing the packages.xml file will generate a valid Google ID so Android Market will work. Correction via Comment: packages.xml fix doesn’t generate android ID it allows for google checkin to install properly allowing Gmail and Market to communicate with Google’s Servers.

This post mentions that OverDrive works but really needs a browser better than the default one.

This tweet, however, says the app has issues:

No new developments at MobileRead forum.

Today we have two videos — and both are about rooting!

Note: Videos contents has been altered, contrast and saturation has been changed for better viewing; and the overall speed of the video has been increased by 150 to 200% to ensure that as much content as possible is covered in the shortest amount of time.

This video is a frikkin whirlwind. If you are prone to epilepsy from seeing flashing, avoid this video. There is flashing just about every damn second!

The next video is all in Russian but still interesting:

Satisfied rooter:

Beware the Barnes & Noble Nook Touch swap-out:

Bonus: An eBook/eInk n00b running Linux buys a Nook Touch and has a frothing rant about it.

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10 responses to “Nook Touch Rooting: June 23rd News

  1. Thank you for compiling all this information about the new nook. I’m reading all your posts.
    Mine is coming from Miami to my city, Buenos Aires.

    I’ll give it a try before root it. Time will tell.

    Thanks again,


  2. NookLuser

    Have you seen anything on tweaking a Launcher for e-ink? (as in rooted Nook Touch) All the launchers I’ve tried have terrible contrast.

    If there was a theme that looked like the native B&N interface, that would be ideal.

    My current combination is softkeys and Zeam.

    • mikecane

      If you look at the two videos today, you’ll see each owner has used a wallpaper. That seems to help, no? I don’t have a Nook Touch, so haven’t been able to try any of this myself. It might be a while before developers are convinced they should offer an eInk-customized version of an app. It’d probably help the cause if people contributed to buying those devs a Nook Touch for that purpose.

  3. NookLuser

    The tweaking I had in mind was hopefully within the settings already programmed into popular configurable launchers.

    Some of us Nook Touch owners are new to Android, and don’t know how to adjust the launcher settings effectively. (Of course, Android users are mostly new to e-ink, too.)

    This issue should have come up ‘long ago’ with the rooted Nook 1st edition. I just can’t seem to locate the ‘thread.’

    • mikecane

      Was the thread at XDA or MobileRead?

    • GabrialDestruir

      The first edition Nooks used 1.6 or something and didn’t have traditional launchers. So launchers on e-ink never became an issue. The launcher was completely on the LCD screen at the bottom.

      • mikecane

        Thanks for stepping in here too. I hadn’t paid any real attention to the first Nook. I didn’t think it used Launcher on its eInk screen. It wasn’t a touchscreen.

  4. GabrialDestruir

    packages.xml fix doesn’t generate android ID it allows for google checkin to install properly allowing Gmail and Market to communicate with Google’s Servers.

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