Sony + Harry Potter = Reader Exclusive?

Update: Sony misses its chance.

The announcement of Harry Potter eBooks coming is not surprising. That move was inevitable.

What intrigues me is the Sony connection.

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Contrary to all indications, Sony doesn’t seem about to exit the eBook market.

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Just look at how Sony is embedded in that site!

Clicking through to Sony brings up this:

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Given the limited availability of the Sony Reader, I’m not surprised there’s no pimping of it there.

However, wouldn’t this have been the perfect opportunity to at least tease a new release of the Sony Reader?

Obviously interest in this is ginormous:

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So how could Sony walk into a marketing FAIL like this?

It will be interesting to see if anyone at Sony had the sense to wrap up an exclusive of the Harry Potter books for the Sony Reader.

It needn’t be a total exclusive. Just a six month exclusive would have done some real damage to the ongoing Kindle victory march, particularly with a Kindle With Touch due to be announced soon. Six months would have meant Sony wrapped up eBooks for Christmas!

Just as Sony has done with special Reader editions for, say James Bond, a special Harry Potter Reader could have been created. Imagine a custom Hogwarts embossed cover that was exclusive to the Reader. Sony could sell jillions of them.

It remains to be seen if anyone at Sony has been awake enough to this opportunity.

This could turn out to be the biggest Sony disaster in that company’s history — or its much-needed moment of sanity.

Here is the J.K. Rowling video:

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