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J.K. Rowling Gets Over A Million Views

Click = big

That’s at YouTube alone.

Sites, like this blog and Pottermore itself and Sony too, also embedded the video and those aren’t counted in the above.


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Sony To Make eBooks Social?

Check out these trademark filings for Socialize and Socialize This.

It remains to be seen if this will come to pass, if it will find its way into new Reader hardware, or be limited to Reader apps.

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Writer M. Dylan Raskin

My emails to him have gone unanswered for years.

He has no Net presence.

His MySpace has long been fallow.

I came across this today, and it’s two years old:

This blog post is three years old.

I hope he’s out there living.

Because I’m expecting one hell of a new book out of him.

He might think he’s been forgotten.

He’d be wrong.

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Next Week: Amazon And Sony

If the Consumer Reports line is to be believed, then next week Sony will be announcing its new Reader lineup. Let’s see if that happens.

Amazon has to make a move with its Kindle for iOS app to satisfy the requirements of Apple’s App Store policy prohibiting links to transactional websites.

The Amazon move will be very interesting because next Friday the new HP TouchPad is due in stores — and it will be bundled with Kindle for webOS software. Will Amazon play it up as being advantaged over the iPad?

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R.I.P. Writer Newton Thornburg

Don’t forget Newton Thornburg

Wikipedia: Newton Thornburg

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R.I.P. Actor Peter Falk

Peter Falk, Rumpled and Crafty Actor on ‘Columbo,’ Dies at 83

Wikipedia: Peter Falk

Yes, Columbo, but also this (the clip is uneven, but the only one):

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R.I.P. Artist Gene Colan

Celebrated Comics Artist Gene Colan Passes Away at 84

Legendary Artist Gene Colan Dead at 84, Industry Reacts

Comic Book Industry Remembers Legend GENE COLAN

Friday Runaround – Remembering Gene

Wikipedia: Gene Colan

Gene Colan’s Virtual Studio

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R.I.P. Composer Fred Steiner

Obituary: Fred Steiner

Wikipedia: Fred Steiner

Memory Alpha: Fred Steiner

Oh yes, you know who he is from his work.

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Don Linn On Publishing


And he has!

What Men (and Women) Talk About When They Talk About Publishing

What Men (and Women) Talk About When They Talk About Publishing (Part 2)

Quality of the work (And let’s stop calling it ‘content’, dammit; “content” comes from boiler rooms…books come from the heart.) We are, at bottom, a creative business. We are fighting for share of mind against hundreds of alternatives and if we do not put our best foot forward with regard to the titles we acquire, the care we give to the editorial process, and to the production quality of both our print and digital books, we won’t (and don’t deserve to) survive and prosper. When I see a poorly conceived, apparently unedited or copy-edited, badly designed book, that is produced (whether in hardcover, paperback or in a digital edition) in what is obviously the cheapest possible way, I fear for our future. Resources are limited, but if we can’t produce consistent quality, then let’s reduce quantities until we can. Nobody wants to buy a bad product.

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America Not Working

Innovative OR Books has something here: an upcoming multimedia book called America Not Working, sort of an update to the classic Working by Studs Terkel (which is still not available in e).

They have an entire website set up for it.

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