Barnes & Noble: We Don’t Want Ninety-Nine Cent eBooks!

My Questions for Barnes & Noble

1) There’s a rumor going around that Barnes and Noble won’t include a self-published eBook priced at under $3 on its Nook top 100 bestseller list, even if the book’s sales merit this inclusion. …

2) I checked, and 20 of the top 100 Amazon Kindle books are 99¢, but 0 of the Nook top 100 books are priced at under $3.

That’s very interesting.

When I listened to the Barnes & Noble conference call earlier this week, William Lynch mentioned how PubIt! was doing very well for them.

But the implication was ominous: Sure B&N was selling a lot more books, but they were also cheaper books, and that meant less money per-book, which even in volume would not make up for what was being lost by not selling price-fixed higher-priced Big Six Agency books.

So, basically, Barnes & Noble could sell jillions of PubIt! books but wind up making a hell of a lot less money than they ever have.

Lynch tried to hide it, but his sweat could be felt!

So I’m not at all surprised that B&N would want to point people to books that cost more than ninety-nine cents.

All you writers devaluing your work down to ninety-nine cents, you’re cutting your own throats. You will never, ever be able to raise your prices without begging like hell.

And who wants to be a beggar?


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