Next Week: Amazon And Sony

If the Consumer Reports line is to be believed, then next week Sony will be announcing its new Reader lineup. Let’s see if that happens.

Amazon has to make a move with its Kindle for iOS app to satisfy the requirements of Apple’s App Store policy prohibiting links to transactional websites.

The Amazon move will be very interesting because next Friday the new HP TouchPad is due in stores — and it will be bundled with Kindle for webOS software. Will Amazon play it up as being advantaged over the iPad?

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One response to “Next Week: Amazon And Sony

  1. Ravi

    Most people think Amazon’s next move is obvious here, but I’m not so sure. The reality is that Apple is still turning up the heat (no buy button) and can easily (and probably will) turn it up further (e.g. a “universal bookshelf” like the ones common on Android tablets). At some point all the non-Apple ebook vendors are going to have to get off the train and it wouldn’t surprise me for Amazon to be the first.

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