Nook Touch Rooting: June 24th News

Note: All Nook Touch rooting news of this day will be consolidated into this single post, with any updates at the end.

The three four permanent essential posts:

Nook Simple Touch Root & Setup Script Kit

[N2E] TouchNooter 1.6.22 It’s now fixed!

Nook Devs NookTouch Rooting

How to root Nook Touch and side load apps (Kindle, ADW launcher, Amazon App Store), review

XDA Developers forum

This post discusses forcing a full-screen eInk refresh (sometimes needed when using FBReaderJ).

This post has instructions for a manual fix after using TouchNooter for Google ID.

This post states that multitouch xml in TouchNooter conflicts with some other apps.

This post gives a tip for using the proper Android Market search field.

This post has instructions for getting Gapps and Android Market to work on a Nook Touch that has already been rooted.

This post about the hardware buttons says:

If you remaps two keys to VOLUME_UP and VOLUME_DOWN, almost all reading-centric programs work will hardware buttons. I have tested:

Read It Later
BuzzBox RSS reader

And then this post says:

a lot of other apps are already working with the default mapping:
titanium backup
root explorer

This post mentions changing the Nook Touch language to German.

MobileRead forum

This post explains why B&N hides the Nook partition that contains eBooks.

This thread discusses fonts being handled differently.

This thread discusses Moon+ Reader and a new eBook app called Mantano Reader.

This thread mentions an app called Trook and talks about creating an OPDS catalog for large eBook library management.

And a photo:

Click = big

Tweets of the Day:!/niphoet/statuses/83955822652178432

Today’s video is an unboxing in Italian which I find interesting because people outside the U.S. can’t fondle a Nook Touch in a store like we Americans can, so their first impressions really are their first when getting it:

Bonus: Everyone’s Right: The New Nook Will Knock Your Socks Off [REVIEW]

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9 responses to “Nook Touch Rooting: June 24th News

  1. Dan

    Thanks for compiling all this news everyday.
    Can you tell me: what’s the easiest way to root my Nook Touch if I just want to get the Kindle app running (and maybe Instafetch) and have access to the Market? (fyi, I’m running Snow Leopard)

  2. ME!

    Have you heard of anything concerning the resizing/repartition of the device’s storage? Mainly the 750MBs of inaccessible storage.

    • mikecane

      Nothing yet. That might have to wait for the next step as the hackers go deeper into it.

      • ME!

        Thanks, One more question if I may though.
        Do you happen to know if it’s possible to go back to original firmware after rooting?
        I don’t really have any use for it ATM since there are no B&N stores anywhere nearby but I don’t know if in the future there may be.

        Oh!, and is it true that you still can’t install apps from android’s store directly to the nook without the use of that “adb”?

      • mikecane

        From what I’ve read, factory reset will revert it. It’s rooting. not OS modification like CM7 put into the internal chip of the NookColor.

        Once rooted with Android Market working, apps can be installed directly onto the Nook Touch. They can also be installed from other sites via a browser such as Opera or Dolphin (I don’t think the included browser can do that, but I might be wrong; in any case, people ditch that browser ASAP).

  3. Dan

    cool. thanks again.

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