Light Blogging

Swiped from here.

Squatted down to pet the cats and the damn works went out on me.

I don’t intend to do much here until this episode is over. On the other hand, things can change just to spite the pain.


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4 responses to “Light Blogging

  1. Damn Cat.

    Mike, get thee to a doctor. Sooner the better. They give you a cocktail of anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and pain killer. You will be better in a day or so.

  2. Ric Day

    That’s nasty, sorry to read it happened. I went through a lot of that in the early 80’s (six years of regular “outages” with each worse than the last and ended up having a fusion done on L4 and L5. Part of the problem was me not resting it and letting the pain go away … kept stupidly trying to work through it with the result being no real choice aside from surgery as the cartilage damage increased and the pain went from bad to acute and somewhat beyond.

    So rest it and don’t stress it now. Hang in there.

    • mikecane

      Well, I have to sit. And that brings on the pain. Standing up all the time or lying down all the time would drive me nuts. I expect it to be all well sometime this weekend. It’s getting better, except for the sitting bit.

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