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This Is NOT New York City

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Tearful Glenn Beck Describes How He And His Family Were Attacked In New York Park

What the hell is this bullshit?!

This isn’t how New Yorkers act.

But this is exactly how the Daddy-Pays-My-Rent hick fuckers from the Midwest act when they colonize this city with their disgusting presence and boorishly swan around thinking they’ve Arrived.

I’ve got news for you Midwestern imports: We native New Yorkers hate your asses. We utterly despise you. You’re the scum of the earth. You’re nothing but amateurs — permanent amateurs! — without manners, without class, without restraint.

And you just went and proved it. Once again!

Now all of you: GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CITY!

It’s for grown-ups. Not the likes of you.

Update, June 29: Gawker says Beck is full of shit.



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TweetScan Also Disappoints

Jason Boog over at GalleyCat got me all excited about this new thing called TweetScan Backup.

So I went and tried it.


This is as far back as it could go for me:


July 2008 is the closest any service has gotten. I did begin there July 29, 2008. But it seems there are still some earlier tweets from that day it couldn’t get.

All of you who tweeted far less are bound to have better luck with TweetScan Backup.


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Telephone System Automation In 1951

This is a fascinating brief history of the Bell Telephone System, showing the dawn of direct-dialing for long-distance calls and the start of Area Codes.

It also seems to show the beginning of using computers to switch calls, diagnose network congestion, as well as track billing.

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Free On YouTube: The Outer Limits Series

I had absolutely no idea. YouTube is failing at marketing what it has.

The Outer Limits

They go up to 480p. Not sure if that’s good enough for all you people who can view YouTube on your big TVs. Someone try it and report back.

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Morse And Vail Were the Jobs And Wozniak Of The 1800s

Morse was the dreamer, an artist. Vail, trained as a minister, became the technologist.

There are a lot of parallels here to present startups.

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Graverobbing Writer Gerald Kersh

The hell with the demands of “the media.” A prime example of why you should never allow your picture to be taken. You’ll be made into a YouTube zombie:

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ITV’s Injustice: Soundtrack Joke?

Listen very carefully to this music cue from the recent ITV series, Injustice.

Listen to it again before clicking through.

Have you placed it yet?

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HP TouchPad Videos

It’s apparently out there in some stores to fondle before the official Friday July 1st release.

Here are two terrible videos:

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Whatever Happened To Agent Crush?

Three years ago I was clued in to this movie in production:

Since then, nada!

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New Novel From Richard Herley

I don’t know how I wound up missing this announcement at the end of May!

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