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Tomorrow Is The Apple Deadline For eBooks

I see I’m not the only one who remembers!

At post time, no word on changes by Amazon to its Kindle app, Barnes & Noble to its Nook app, or Kobo to its app.

Why are they all making their customers sweat like this?

Previously here:

Next Week: Amazon And Sony
Apple App Store eBook Armageddon Is Cancelled



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Ken Bruen’s Advice To Writers

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Sammy J In The Forest Of Dreams

Oh my god. This is soooo good.

You’ve got to see this, buy the DVD, demand it on Netflix and other video services.

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Video: Cool Reader & FBReader On Nook Touch

Due to how much of the screen is cut off and my unfamiliarity with the Android versions of them, I don’t know which is shown first. This is all in Russian anyway but still worth a look:

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Kendrick And The Limb, Part Two

I don’t know if he saw my original post today, where I wrote:

I keep having these visions of people a week later wondering where the hell the apps are for it [HP TouchPad].

But I checked his column again today and now there’s this:

Click = big

We’ll have to see on Friday. HP is still trying to keep the lid on things and I haven’t seen any list of TouchPad apps publicized anywhere. That will probably happen Friday.

Ooh! Friday!

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Ken Kutaragi Leaves Sony

Father of PlayStation retires in Sony management reshuffle

Meanwhile, Ken Kutaragi, the veteran engineer credited with overseeing the birth of PlayStation, has retired as Honorary Chairman of SCEI, retaining his role as senior technology adviser of Sony Corporation.

Kutaragi joined Sony in the 1970s and was heavily involved in the original iteration of the PlayStation – as a CD drive add-on for Nintendo’s SNES console. When Nintendo pulled out of the deal, Kuturagi masterminded the re-invention of the technology as a standalone console, effectively dragging Sony into the games industry.

He was president of SCEI until the end of 2006 when he was replaced by Kaz Hirai. Kutaragi briefly became chairman of SCEI until retiring from that role in controversial circumstances the following year. It has been suggested that his move to the non-executive position of honorary chairman was a form of punishment for the huge costs of developing and launching the PS3 console.

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How To Ruin Your Own Book Promotion

OK, it might seem like I’m picking on this guy, but tough.

Someone else might try to do this, so this is a necessary warning to everyone else.

This is a classic example of how not to promote your book.

Ooh! Buy the book and get a music bonus for free!

But wait, what’s that about the Copyright page? And a Kindle Edition?

Experienced eBook readers will already know the rest of this story.

The rest of you click through to learn.

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SonyStyle Site Is Down

I went to Sony’s Reader site and got this:

Click = big

I thought maybe new models of the Reader were coming.

But all of SonyStyle is down.

Update: An hour later, the Reader site (unchanged) and all of SonyStyle is back up.

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Book Cover: Genius Or Madness?

This is today’s featured Kindle Nation Daily book.


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Button Savior Skinned For Nook Touch

This guy at XDA Developers forum is re-skinning Button Savior. See photo:

Click = big

From what I’ve seen in videos, those changes are really necessary for the Nook Touch eInk screen.

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