How To Ruin Your Own Book Promotion

OK, it might seem like I’m picking on this guy, but tough.

Someone else might try to do this, so this is a necessary warning to everyone else.

This is a classic example of how not to promote your book.

Ooh! Buy the book and get a music bonus for free!

But wait, what’s that about the Copyright page? And a Kindle Edition?

Experienced eBook readers will already know the rest of this story.

The rest of you click through to learn.

It’s been a tradition that Copyright notices appear in what’s called the frontmatter of print books. Even though this isn’t necessary — and is frankly a PITA — with eBooks, the tradition continues.

But I don’t need to buy that book to see the Copyright page for free!

I went to the Kindle Store and downloaded the Sample.

Here’s the cover:

Click = big

And here’s that Copyright page with the Sekrit Code Word:

Click = big

And here I am getting his free music for really, really free:

And here he is saying thanks:

Click = big

And here I am with the email for the free music:

Click = big

But I’m not going to download the music.

His promotion, however, has now been screwed.

Let this be a lesson to you all:

1) Do not use the Copyright page for a promotion

2) If you do, put that notice at the back of the eBook

3) It’d be better to use a word or phrase from the final paragraph of a book


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2 responses to “How To Ruin Your Own Book Promotion

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  2. Thanks for letting me know.

    Though that wasn’t intentional, it’s fine.

    The MP3s weren’t intended to drive sales of the book. They were just meant like a soundtrack for people who read the book. Because I mention the musicians so much inside the book, it seemed right to have that music accompanying the book.

    If someone really doesn’t want the book, and only get some MP3s, well then hopefully they’ll enjoy the MP3s and get turned on to some new music. I don’t want to make someone buy the book if they didn’t really want it, anyway.

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