Kendrick And The Limb

I don’t know.

I keep having these visions of people a week later wondering where the hell the apps are for it.

Everyone in Hollywood will tell you a film’s opening is meaningless. It’s staying power that matters.

The buzz a week later will say much.


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2 responses to “Kendrick And The Limb

  1. Apps will be a big part of the equation, but I don’t believe they need to have a big ecosystem if the shipping product has a lot of the core functionality at launch.

    • mikecane

      Yes, I did actually read your column, not just clip it. The thing will be the onslaught of “iPad can do that” and “Android now has this” — people will want those things for webOS too. HP has the muscle to get that tablet out everywhere. I just hope the developers will join in. Let’s see what apps are available in the Catalog on Friday.

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