Sammy J In The Forest Of Dreams

Oh my god. This is soooo good.

You’ve got to see this, buy the DVD, demand it on Netflix and other video services.

A live play performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

Sammy J’s life has fallen apart. He blames his childhood exposure to Walt Disney’s productions for his fate. His life is not as he thought it would be from seeing those movies. The opening song is “Fuck you, Disney!”

His electricity is cut off for non-payment. And he goes through a portal and winds up in the Forest of Dreams.

Unable to return home, he befriends one of the forest creatures.

After a week, he’s turned native.

He loves picking berries. That’s what they do in the Forest. Sammy J is content until he learns no one but the King gets to eat the berries. So he does what any Western man would do. Foments a revolution!

The castle is stormed!

Of course it doesn’t turn out well. But the closing song is “Learning to be Less of a Dick.” And he gets to return home after all.

And there are interstitials with two birds!

A hilarious production that really opened my eyes to what can be done on a simple stage.

Brilliant puppetry by Heath McIvor. There’s even one scene opening that’s blown by the puppets and the ad-libbing is hilarious.

Roll some credits:

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