Another Reminder: My FTC Disclosure

Are Amazon Reviews Corrupt?

It’s a known fact that PR agencies and corporations have been burrowing into the community of online, “public” reviewers and obscure bloggers and easily corrupting them with trinkets. It’s like a lost tribe being bribed with a pretty necklace of cheap polished rocks. Now there is some proof that there is a problem.

This is why I have my FTC Disclosure. Go read it!

This is also why I hate writers sending me their books for free. That’s not helping. It makes it seem like a favor.

If you’re asking people for money for your shit, expect me to treat it as any other commercial product.

So even if I have happened to exchange tweets or emails with you, I will still cut you a new asshole if I didn’t like your book.

And having a ninety-nine cents price is no excuse for shit like bad formatting, typos, or no editing.

Deal with it.


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