Switch To A Nook, Get US$315 In Free eBooks

Barnes & Noble Invites Customers to See for Themselves Why Critics Call NOOK Devices the Best Reading Devices on the Market

Barnes & Noble, Inc., the world’s largest bookseller, is inviting customers to experience what the critics and millions of customers are raving about: the company’s award-winning, bestselling line of NOOK reading devices. Beginning July 1, bring any eReader into a Barnes & Noble bookstore to compare and upgrade to a NOOK device and receive an instant NOOK Book collection — 30 free digital titles valued at $315. The limited-time NOOK upgrade program is offered with purchase of any popular NOOK device including the All-New NOOK and NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet.

Beginning Friday, while supplies last, customers will receive a free, 2GB microSD card loaded with 30 NOOK Books – from cooking and lifestyle to classics and reference –when they show a bookseller their old device and purchase the NOOK reader that best suits them.

Here’s the fine print at the B&N site:

Offer applies to any other eReader brand. eReaders do not include mobile phones, laptops, or general purpose tablet computers. Limited time offer. While supplies last. In-store only.

The offer is good with purchase of All-New NOOK, NOOK Color or NOOK 1st Edition. NOOK Books are provided via SD Card and are only accessible on a NOOK device.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So there goes my dream of bringing in my Palm LifeDrive running MobiPocket and scoring some free books if I also bought a Nook Touch.

What’s interesting about this is the June 30th announcement. As if it was pre-meditated, designed to blunt any possible announcement of new Sony Reader models that had been rumored for June.

Barnes & Noble is beginning to get aggressive like Amazon.


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