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Sony’s Not Leaving: New Reader At FCC

Yeah, the news is three days old.

So let me tell you what others haven’t: It has WiFi B/G/N, a micro SD Card slot, and an earphone jack for audio. The micro SD Card slot seems to be at the bottom, left.


Those are the features of its mainstream six-inch screen Reader. Except for that micro SD Card slot. That’s new. And is a clean break from Sony’s own Memory Stick format.

Two things that aren’t mentioned: a USB port or stylus. But those might not be required listings for FCC testing (although it is odd that the micro SD Card slot is mentioned).

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TV: Torchwood Miracle Day, Episode Four

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Movie: Blitz

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Movie: Down Terrace

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Nook Touch Rooting Survival Notes

I haven’t been keeping up with XDA Developers about the Nook Touch.

Today I’ve been trying to catch up and decided to drop a bunch of stuff in a post in case I actually buy a Nook Touch. I’ll need this info.

Nook Touch full recovery

Additional details about rooting a Nook Touch

Wallpaper use

Nook Touch touchscreen dies overnight — it’s a B&N software issue.

How to do ADB push

Restoring the formatted TouchNooter SD to full

ePub file association and stock Nook app

Using an LCD density-changing app

Skipping Out Of Box Experience

Zeam launcher with N2E color fix (see why)

Also: There is no Bluetooth in the Nook Touch. It uses a different CPU package than the NookColor and it lacks the BT module the NookColor has.

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Gas Leaps Four Cents Yet Again

Photo taken today, Saturday July 30, 2011.

One week ago it was $4.41, which was also up from the week before that.

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The iTunes 11 iBooks Mystery

iTunes 11 to get visual revamp, beefier iCloud ties?!/mikecane/status/97117358388285442!/mikecane/status/97117782088499201

Eventually Apple will lock down iTunes so that only Apple-purchased and Apple-related material will work with iTunes.

I fully expect syncing of non-iBooks eBooks to be prevented one day.


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Goodbye Google+

Google is gagging user advocates

OK, now I’m certain.

This was my final post at Google+ after all:

If Google ever ceases and desists with its Police State stance, let me know.

I won’t hold my breath for it, though.

Previously here:

Now Google Has Apple’s Disease
The Google+ Real Name Policy Is Wrong

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TV: The Code, Episode One

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TV: Wonder Woman 2011 Pilot

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