Chickenshit Behavior From Corporate Giants

As everyone knows, yesterday was June 30th. The deadline for iOS apps to remove their buttons that lead to their websites where transactions can take place.

Everyone has been waiting for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo to announce changes to their apps to bring them into compliance with Apple’s restrictions.

So far, no one has said anything.

So while Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo play Chicken with one another, to see who blinks first, customers are trapped in a limbo between them.

Where the hell do the words customer service come into this?

All of these companies pride themselves on doing what’s right for their customers (well, mostly).

Where the hell are their commitments to that today?

They play Chicken. Their customers eat chickenshit.


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8 responses to “Chickenshit Behavior From Corporate Giants

  1. Huh – What are you on about? Unless/until Apple kicks them out of the app store, or they actually make a change, how does it affect anyone?

    • mikecane

      What if Apple kicks them out? How the hell does that serve any CUSTOMER interests?

      • Peter

        You’re a bit weak on this one. “What if Apple kicks them out?” It’s not like your copy will suddenly stop working. “What if they never come back?” Well, blame Apple’s policies for driving them away.

  2. Ravi Nanavati

    Every company that competes with Apple has to play chicken with them if they want any real traction on iOS. Consider Google. They dared Apple by using a private API for Voice Search because it was required for a better user experience. Then they pulled no punches over the Google Voice rejection (including making it clear it was a rejection rather than Apple’s “further study” story). Now they’re pre-announcing the Google+ iOS App. Do you think that’s because Apple has said it will be approved? I doubt it. I think they’re publicly daring Apple to reject it because that’s the only way they have a shot at approval.

    Do you think that Google’s iOS customers would have anywhere near the level of access they do to Google products and services if Google hadn’t been constantly playing chicken with Apple? I don’t. And for the same reasons Amazon, Sony and the rest have to head down the same road if they want to do the best they can for their iOS customers.

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