I Have Fondled Tech Machines!

My damn back survived. I survived.

I went and fondled the following digital devices today, in order:

1 – Nook Touch
2 – iPad 2
3 – HP TouchPad
4 – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10″
5 – HTC Flyer

I will have many, many pictures for the Nook Touch, showing some things no one else has.

A few pictures for the HP TouchPad, with some points about it.

No pictures of the iPad 2, Samsung, and only one of the HTC Flyer.

I plan to have all this posted tomorrow.

So cancel your holiday weekend plans and stand by. Ha!


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2 responses to “I Have Fondled Tech Machines!

  1. richfinck

    Can’t remember if you have seen this or not. This guy has hit the nail on the head. My experience with the TouchPad mirrors his.

    • mikecane

      I think if they rethink hardware and software design, they can work around that. WTF is the point of having more than one core, for example, if two apps battle for both cores? webOS, I think, has other inherent flaws of its own.

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